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NXN Kingsland

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Situated in Kingsland Terrace, N X N captures the unique laid-back vibe of Kingsland in a design-led apartment building that will have enduring appeal.

The building's modern aesthetic will sit comfortably amidst the traditional homes that give the suburb its unique character.

Comprising 78 living contemporary spaces, the complex will be far removed in style from the high rise apartment buildings in the city. It will be visually stimulating, socially aware and celebrate the differences between people as well as the way buildings create communities.

Construction is expected to start in Spring 2016, with completion anticipated for 2019.

Located at the end of Kingsland Terrace, one of Kingsland’s smaller streets, N X N will have no next-door neighbours, except on its western boundary. There will be no through traffic, reducing noise from the street. Fewer cars will also make the street safer.

A position like this is almost unique in the inner city suburbs, given the property also borders Nixon Park. Yet this quiet haven is less than a minute's walk from the vibrant Kingsland street scene.

N X N will be organised around an elegant urban plaza that will be a shared, multi-use space for residents to share and enjoy.

The uncompromised strength of concrete will be evident throughout the building, softened by contrasting plaster textures within the apartments and light playing through perforated louvres.

Lobby areas will feature stone and wood, as well as artworks incorporated into the walls and floors.

The design sets out to make the living spaces feel more personal. Multiple lift cores will create ‘boutique buildings’ within the larger building. Balconies will be wide enough to provide large entertaining areas, with solid dividing walls adding to privacy.

Sophisticated, international-style living will have no better expression in Auckland.

Apartments will have expansive decks, with a width of six metres or more. These will either be totally separate from those of adjoining apartments, or have concrete partitions to ensure privacy.

The majority of apartments will be north-facing and have uninterrupted views over Nixon Park to the green slopes of Arch Hill Reserve.

*Apartments subject to availability.

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Key Details

  • Offers 73 apartments and 5 terraced houses
  • Apartments will have expansive decks, with a width of six metres or more
  • Two and three bedroom apartments have two bathrooms
  • In most instances apartments have fully appointed walk-in wardrobes separating the en suite bathroom from the master bedroom
  • N X N will have no next-door neighbours, except on its western boundary
  • Kingsland railway station is only three minutes’ walk, and Eden Park is five minutes

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